Vietnam work permit is issued by the Department of Labor, Invalid and Society. It is valid for 3 years, foreigners must reapply for a new one if it expires.

Vietnam work permit! you must meet the following conditions if you want to apply for a Vietnam work permit:

+ Having full civil act capacity as prescribed by law and having adequate health condition to match the demand of the job.

+ Request for work permit form. (new form issued in April 2014, employer need to prepare).

+ Criminal records (issued within 180 days). If applicants have stayed for more than 6 months in Vietnam, they will have to provide both Vietnamese criminal record and the criminal record from their home countries.

+ High degree of specialized knowledge, qualification and technology, experienced in management, business and other professions that the domestic labors cannot currently conduct efficiently.

+ If foreigners want to work in special fields such as education or health, they are required to meet all requirements of conducting health and education work of the Vietnamese authorities.

+ Having valid passport

+ Holding approval document from Committee who allows employers to use Foreign workers.

Can foreigners work at Vietnam without it ?

They can if they are in one of the following cases:

+ Working duration is less than 3 months.

+ Members of a limited company which includes more than 1 member.

+ Owner of one member limited company in Vietnam.

+ Members of BOD at a joint stock company.

+ Doing service sales activities for a foreign company in Vietnam.

+ Foreign lawyer with a law practice license issued by the Ministry of justice.

In genaral, you should have a good knowledge of work permit in vietnam before applying to open a new job opportunity in Vietnam.

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